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In a tweet that has now gone viral, Sagar Sarbhai, who is responsible for government and regulatory relations for Ripple in the APAC and the Middle East, explains that banks have actually been fans of Ripple for a while now.

Often, many investors and traders worry about certain aspects of a project, such as whether the demographic is large enough, or whether mass adoption is likely. Mr. Sarbhai instead reveals that in 2016, Ripple had the foresight actually to give twelve separate banks some XRPs.

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They also made sure that the banks were in all different parts of the world, and that there was no pre-existing relationship between any of them, in an effort to make sure that this experiment was as unbiased as possible.

Ripple found out that since there were so many regulations regarding the fact that they have to record assets meticulously, and there was no way they could actually account for these new digital assets – that banks, although they loved how efficient and convenient the technology was, recognized that the regulation wouldn’t allow for them to legally use Ripple.

Ripple had to go back to the drawing board and figure out how exactly to combat this problem. They came up with XRapid as a way to deal with regulation and instead ended up partnering with payment providers. The entire point of XRapid is to have the Ripple project finally come to fruition in the form of real crypto utility, and also provide liquidity to the markets.

XRapid is already working with all sorts of money transfer companies, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, and others. Given the fact that the remittance industry, where foreign workers send money back to their families, is ITSELF a sector that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and is an integral part of multiple countries – this could be massive for Ripple, which has previously ran to over $3 off of speculation, and without actual utility.

The momentum is strong with Ripple, which is probably why Sagar Sarbhai tweeted out his 2016 conversation to provide context to the positive way that the market is responding to Xrapid, probably as a way to show investors and traders that this has not been overnight and that the team has been focused on a relationship with since the inception of the project.

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, has also said in June that major banks would be using XRapid as 2018 ends and also believes strongly that dozens of banks would be adopting XRapid in 2019.

He also stressed that he believes that this would indeed happen as long as Ripple remains a real solution to real problems. Given the fact that it transfers money more efficiently than traditional banks, and that it could save banks massive amounts of money by serving as a “bridge” between currencies – that certainly seems to be the case.

Ultimately, this is all fantastic news for those who are holding Ripple long-term, and time will tell whether “dozens” of banks do end up using and adopting XRapid . Sarbhai stated in his most recent interview with CNBC that the official XRapid commercial launch could happen “in the next month or so”.

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