In Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, a judicial arrondissement in Brussels, Belgium, a 24-year-old man from Zaventem caught a 36-month sentence for an ”impressive” collection of child pornography. In Brussels, according to court officials, the issue is a “nuclear epidemic” and the 24-year-old had demonstrated that perfectly. Yet, in spite of the high chance of recidivism the defendant is still fighting for a diversion.

In September 2014, the FBI assisted Belgian authorities of the rampant spreading of child abuse “pornography” by actors using the darknet. They shared the media across the Tor network, according to Brussels prosecutors. The investigation into the man began then and persisted for a single year.

Following the FBI’s warning, Belgian authorities raided the suspect’s home. The raid ended and detectives had not found a single piece of incriminating evidence. The investigation continued for one year before authorities in Brussels made another move. In 2015, law enforcement raided the suspect once again and struck figurative gold. During the second search, authorities found a USB drive that contained a quantity of pictures and videos that the government considered a part of the nuclear epidemic.

After a forensic analysis, the authorities recovered 64,000 pictures and 700 videos. “From that collection [of pictures and videos], along with his statements, he appears to be very focused on looking for a certain age category: girls aged 12 and 13, though with a lower limit of 7 to 8 years,” the Court continued. “In addition, he seems to have no shame or guilt, and he thinks he should not be punished.”

Indeed, he fought for a diverted sentence. And the Court pushed for a sentence of 36-months imprisonment. A court psychiatrist evaluated the 24-year-old and determined that he—the suspect—would likely continue to violate. The defense recognized the crime’s severity.

“My client has been slowly shifted from here since the 16th and has become addicted,” the defense council said. “Since he has been released unconditionally, he has begun to follow [up with] therapy and he is still following. In addition, my client has finished his studies in the meantime and has a fixed job. ”

The Court will be have a verdict on October 4.

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