Benchmarking the Global Cryptocurrency Economy – A Research Study

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The global financial sector and economy have been transforming at a considerably fast rate during the past few years. Digitized assets, cryptocurrencies and innovative financial systems are creating new ecosystems for monetary transactions and formulating alternative assets that have become parts of a modern portfolio. Since its establishment in 2015, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, has pioneered the analysis and documentation of the present digital economic transformation.


The Cambridge Centre of Alternative Finance has just published a benchmarking study of the current global cryptocurrency economy. By far, this is the first study ever to closely examine the global cryptocurrency economy and its essential components including wallets, exchanges, payments and mining.

The study presented some interesting results, which we will summarize throughout ths article:


Key Findings of The Study:

There are currently between 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique users of various cryptocurrency wallets. The study reported that there are currently at least 1,876 individuals, all over the world, who work full time in the cryptocurrency sector, yet there are most likely more than 2,000 workers in this sector when considering large mining companies and other businesses, which did not provide

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