We do not know it since yesterday: “Data is the oil of the 21st century” Big Data is commonly understood to mean both the data itself and its properties and all the technologies for analysis. Basically, the term is nothing more than the systematic promotion of the new “raw material” using state of the art technology.

The challenge is that IT systems not only correctly handle missing, incorrect or ambiguous data, but also have to provide a reliable basis for making business decisions or adding value to services and applications through analysis — and preferably in real time. Future applications will help you to extract valuable information from data that will only be available to other applications.

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In addition, they help decision makers to better understand their customers and to adapt products and services faster and more targeted. And this is where IOTA comes into play.

IOTA can do data transfer in “real time”

As we all know, IOTA has optimal properties for data transfer in “real time” and another advantage resonates with it. It is the possibility to transport data without transaction fees. But that’s just one side. Data has a value and in the future they will be increasingly available for a fee. Incidentally, this also corresponds to the idea of ​​the IOTA data marketplace. In the future, this will create a system in which many billions or trillions of data are purchased and transported daily with IOTA.

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