Billionaire Mike Novogratz is an Early Ethereum and Bitcoin Adopter

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It is not surprising wealthy individuals take a keen interest in cryptocurrency. Mike Novogratz, a well-known billionaire, has certainly done so in the past. In fact, ten percent of his total net worth comes in the form of bitcoin and Ether. That is quite a substantial amount, although no one knows for sure how wealth Novogratz is, to begin with. It is good to see people openly talk about their cryptocurrency holdings, though.

Novogratz Is Keen On Cryptocurrency

At a recent Harvard Business School Club forum, Novogratz stated how 10% of his net worth is about bitcoin and Ether. That is quite a considerable amount, as he is a billionaire since 2008. He also stated how cryptocurrency is the best investment of his life to date. This sends a clear message to anyone looking to make future worthwhile investments. Traditional finance is no longer lucrative by any means, whereas cryptocurrencies have a ton of upside potential.

It is unclear when Novogratz made his initial bitcoin investments, though. Given the recent price increases of both Ethereum and bitcoin, it is possible he was an early investor or someone who came late to the party. To be

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