Atomic Wallet is hosting a trading competition for traders for its native coin AWC to increase its trading volume so it can be listed on Binance’s main platform.

Atomic has revealed that it will be holding a Trading Competition for its native Atomic Wallet Token, in which the total reward pool is of 400,000 AWC (~$80,000).

The goal of this competition is for the token to reach a $50,000-daily-trading-volume on Binance DEX so it can be added on the main Binance platform.

Atomic is a crypto wallet which launched its own native token AWC that runs on the Ethereum protocol. The token was designed to serve as utility crypto for various app operations, as well as a means through which users can get extra bonuses.

Half of the total issued supply of AWC has been relocated to Binance Chain and has been available for trading on Binance DEX shortly after it started operations. After the token was available on the platform, its value experienced several increases. Currently, AWC ranks 6 on Binance DEX in its pairing in BNB.

Atomic Wallet’s CEO, Konstantin Gladych, has revealed in an interview that the company has many ambitious developments, such as Lightning Network integration for faster transaction speeds. Another goal would be implementing support for a variety of crypto coins on the wallet.

The Android crypto wallet is currently being used by 100 thousand crypto traders on their phones. The Atomic wallet desktop version has more than 200,000 traders. The wallet currently supports 400 crypto assets and collaborates with various exchange platforms such as Shapeshift and Changelly.

Featured Image: Reddit

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