One of the indicators that Bitcoins have gained wider acceptance from the general public is the fact that there is an increased range of activities, products and services that you can pay for using Bitcoins. We have already reported on Bitcoin casinos on a number of occasions. We did an article on the benefits of a cryptocurrency casino and this time we’re going to talk about something similar, yet different – Bitcoin Bingo sites.

Online Bingo and Its Characteristics

Bingo and casino sites are similar in the sense that both are gambling-related types of entertainment, although it is fair to say that bingo is a lot less harmless, even though there is a gambling element.

Bitcoin casinos are slightly older than Bitcoin bingo sites, and there are several reasons for that. It is fair to say that online casinos are older than online bingo sites, so we’re seeing a pattern here. Playing bingo has been regarded as more of a social activity than casino gaming. People used to gather at their local bingo halls, play games and chat with friends and neighbours.

Many were worried that players would not be very fond of online bingo as this type of bingo doesn’t capture the social aspect of the game. However, it turned out that players would get accustomed to online bingo just as easily as casino players. Another reason for scepticism regarding online bingo was the fact that bingo is very popular with older folks, in fact, a wide fraction of all players are senior citizens and in the early days of the internet it was primarily a young people’s thing.

Advantages of Online Bingo

Let’s see why online bingo sites are more convenient than traditional bingo halls. First of all, when you’re playing online, you don’t have to leave your living room and travel to the nearby bingo hall. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want. Bingo halls open at a particular time and close down at a particular time, so you are limited in terms of when you can play as well, whereas online bingo sites operate 24/7. You just need to pick the best online bingo site based on your preferences and choose from a range of bingo rooms.

That brings us to another advantage of online bingo. At an online site there are many bingo rooms and different games take place at the same time. There’s no limit on the number of bingo rooms that can be active simultaneously. Not to mention that online bingo rooms feature different ticket prices, there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer buying cheaper tickets and playing for lower prizes, or you won’t mind buying a more expensive ticket provided that the prizes are higher too.

Online bingo sites even operate free bingo rooms, where you get to play free bingo for real prizes without even having to pay for a ticket. That is not possible at a conventional bingo hall. Other bingo bonuses and rewards are also offered, and most bingo sites offer welcome packages, similar to the welcome packages offered by online casino sites.

So, despite the fact that the number of traditional bingo halls has been in decline in the past 15 years, bingo is still one of the most popular games, especially in the UK. Bingo is more popular than some of the most popular sports in the UK.

Bitcoin Bingo

There are no actual differences between Bitcoin bingo and standard online bingo. The only difference is the currency. Standard online bingo sites allow you to register and deposit in conventional currencies, depending on your country of residence. Certain bingo sites that are only available in certain countries accept only the respective currencies, and you will not be able to make a deposit if you’re based elsewhere.

Unlike that, Bitcoin bingo sites will accept your registration and deposits irrespective of your country of residence, as long you have Bitcoins in a Bitcoin wallet you will be able to make a deposit.

In addition to the opportunity of winning if you get a numbered combination on your ticket, in Bitcoin bingo you get another chance to increase your winnings. Namely, if the Bitcoin value increases in the period from your win to the period when you decide to cash out, i.e. exchange your Bitcoins to a conventional currency, you will have effectively won more money. That adds an element of excitement to the whole game.

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