The blockchain company Bitfury has launched today a separate division which will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and projects based on this emergent technology.

It has been reported that the new AI division will work in tandem with Bitfury’s existing blockchain services which have been developed over the course of several years by top engineers from their fields.

Bitfury will integrate its cutting-edge software and hardware resources into the AI division, which will enable it to create product solutions at the edge, targeting both corporate and government clients.

The new division will be headed by tech expert Fabrizio Del Maffeo, who previously served as Vice President and Managing director of AAEON Technology Europe, and AI and IoT company owned by the ASUS group.

While working at AAEON, Del Maffeo created a product line called “UP Bridge the Gap” dedicated to professionals, and which over time has become a top AI and IoT solutions provider for Intel.

Last year, he also launched in partnership with Intel their “AI in Production” program.

Just as blockchain technology enables us all to fix our most broken and distrusted systems, artificial intelligence will bring new and extraordinary benefits to nearly every facet of our lives. To help this incredible technology achieve maximum impact, Bitfury is expanding our mission to offer hardware and software solutions designed especially for AI applications.”- Stated Valery Vavilov, the CEO and co-founder of the Bitfury company.

Del Maffeo said that the reason for joining Bitfury was the company’s efforts and successful results in blockchain and HPC, and its dedication towards integrating emerging technologies into the market.

“I look forward to leading Bitfury’s AI team and to launching products that make it easier, safer, and more cost-efficient for businesses to adopt artificial intelligence at scale.”- stated Del Maffeo.

Featured Image: CoinDesk

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