It is no longer a secret that Africa accounts for a huge amount of share of the p2p crypto trading market. This norm is now creating avenues for different players to penetrate the market. 

Hong-Kong-based p2p Crypto trading platform Bitzlato has launched in Africa with Kenya being its first market. The company was built in 2015 by a group of crypto enthusiasts who wanted to create a simpler and more convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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In 2015, the engineers created a Telegram bot for P2P crypto trading which attracted lots of users while the web version was created in 2018.  The P2P platform is now a leader in the ruble cryptocurrency exchange market. 

Bitzlato unites several products with an audience that has exceeded 2 Million users. The daily turner of the peer-to-peer platform is over $1,500,000 with approximately 9k transactions per day. 

The main feature of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange resource is the P2P opportunity. Peer-to-peer is a decentralized network which works on a person to person principles. In the case of the platform, P2P means that the exchange occurs between two individuals registered on the platform. 

Bitzlato provides traders with a convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin using either their web version or Telegram Bot version. 

What are the Advantages of Using the Trading Platform?

The platform protects users. The seller’s deposit is blocked for the duration of the exchange on an escrow and if there is a dispute between the seller and buyer then the support service will check and review the transaction and send the coins to the party that has honestly fulfilled all the conditions. 

If the seller does not complete the transaction, arbitration helps the buyer get the cryptocurrency.

Lack of mandatory user verification

A trader does not need to pass verification on the platform in order to trade. Users are however advised to verify their accounts in order to be trustworthy from the perspective of the clients. 

0% fees for trading

Bitzlato charges one of the lowest fees in the market. 0% if you respond to another user’s advert and 0.5% if somebody responds to you add. 

Affiliate Program

As a trader, you will receive up to 100% of the commissions that are paid by your affiliates. You receive a reward every time the person you invited makes transactions in the service/platform. The reward for affiliate program is 0.04% from the trade that your affiliate who has created an add and 0.16% if your affiliate has responded to an ad. For example: if your subscriber made a deal worth 5 BTC, you will get 0.008BTC dividends. 

Besides that, Bitzlato runs promotions during which your reward may be doubled. Bitzlato also offers special conditions to traders on new markets who are willing to cooperate that allow them to get 100% of charged fees from their affiliates. 

Weekly & Weekend Promotions

The platform runs promotions for its users on Wednesday where any user that completes any transaction are given a voucher for free withdrawal. 

During the weekends, traders are offered to trade with no fees on Saturdays and Sundays if you start a deal through web version.  

The two interfaces

Bitzlato allows its users to choose between Telegram bot and web-version to buy and sell coins. Users also have the chance to merge two interfaces which can be completed within few minutes.

If you as a trader want fast alternative, then Telegram Bot will meet your needs. 

How to use the Telegram Bot

Bitzlato review

The process is simple; as a user you simply launch TG bot. Make sure that username of the bot is @BTC_CHANGE_BOT. Sometimes scammers write this in the description of the profile so it can lead to misunderstanding. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE USERNAME IS WRITTEN AS FOLLOWS [email protected]_CHANGE_BOT.  

Step 1: We will consider the buying and selling of Bitcoin using Mpesa on the service. Go to the BTC banker bot and then click menu “Exchange BTC/KES.”

Step 2: In the message received, Select “My adverts”. The following message will show up

Step 3: Assuming you want to buy BTC, you will simply click on “You want to buy BTC”. A dialog will appear where you will quickly choose “Electronic Payments” and then this menu will appear.

Since you are in Kenya and you are seeking to buy BTC, you can then choose Mpesa as a method of payment. 

Step 4: The next step is to simply choose the rate at which you would want to buy the BTC with i.e. 0%, 0.5% 4%,6% etc. You will then write a min. and a max limit in KES on the bot.

Step 5: To see the ad, you have created Click “Exchange BTC/KES” and you will see your advert and to make it active click “start trading” and your advert will be running. 

If there are active traders on the service selling BTC, you will quickly get an offer from an of them who is interested.

This same process can be repeated and used when selling BTC using the Telegram Bot version. 

After the funds are credited or sent to your Mobile Money wallet (Mpesa). You can the release the coins by clicking “Release coins to the buyer” and then confirming your decision in response to the Bots question.


Creating and Viewing Ads

The web-version of the platform has a more precise design. The following a simple way that you can use to create ads to either buy or sell btc from the marketplace.  

Step 1: Simply click on “Creating Advert” to buy or sell bitcoin. This is what will appear on the interface whether you are using your phone or PC to access the web version.

This is how to Create Advert: –

  1. Click Advert Type and choose either “selling” or “purchasing”.
  2. You then choose the currency you want i.e. BTC, ETH etc.
  3. You then choose the currency in Kenya-KES
  4. Click on the Payment Method and choose “Mpesa.”
  5. You then move to set a floating rate or a specific rate.
  6. Then set a minimal currency amount & Maximal currency rate and the lastly create and Ad. 

Remember that you can also merge the two version: the web version & the Telegram version. But make sure that you follow all the instructions and NEVER pass given code for merging the accounts to third parties even if “support team” asks you to do so.

The management team believes that its entrance into the African market will give cryptocurrency traders a chance to not only trade but also facilitating borderless remittances to wallet-holders to send money anywhere in the world

Bitzlato is keen in expanding to new markets in Africa while also looking for partnerships with traders in Africa who will make Bitzlato their market place. Trades can reach out to the Community Manager in Kenya through on Telegram.

Disclaimer: This post is a paid press release. Readers should do their due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or its affiliates or services.

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