Blockchain Insurance Platform InChain Partners with LiveCoin Exchange

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Cryptoindustry insurance platform InChain has announced its partnership with LiveCoin exchange.

“Dear clients, we as Exchange declare a cooperation with Inchain project (a decentralised insurance platform). You can read more about this project following this link We also would like to announce that our Exchange will be an exclusive trade platform for Inchain tokens after its official opening,” LiveCoin’s official statement reads.

InChain as a platform is based on Ethereum blockchain and implements mechanisms of insurance and insuarance bond servicing as smart contracts. Any cryptocurrency user may insure their assets against hacks, and technological and other risks that may entail complete or partial loss of the assets.

Additionally, InChain provides investment options and insurance fund governance via a decentralized autonomous organization.

“We’re excited with our cooperation with LiveCoin and believe it to be mutually advantageous for us, but first of all, for all players of the cryptoeconomy, the regular users,” InChain representative noted.

InChain’s ICO kicks off October 12.


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