Moscow, October 10. KICKICO, the blockchain startup revolutionizing the crowdfunding industry, announces the trade of KICK Tokens on EXMO, one of Russia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges where KICK will be the first Ethereum-based token to trade.

 By now, multiple cryptocurrency exchanges have identified the large demand of KICK tokens. On October 1, the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange EtherDelta has started to trade KICK tokens. According to Coin Market Cap, the price of KICK Token varies, a few days ago it was over $0.26 with KICK token standing at the 70th place among all cryptocurrencies. Due to a successful partnership between KICKICO and HitBTC, KICK tokens will be traded on the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange from October 22.

Now, one of Russia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, EXMO has also seen the potential in KICKICO’s cryptocurrency and agreed to list KICK tokens from October 15. EXMO, launched in 2013 with an international team behind the organization, has been one of the most trending crypto exchanges. As of now, the company has 650,000 registered users from all around the globe. Just in 2017, EXMO managed to increase its user base by 142 percent. The huge surge of users impacted the trading volume of the cryptocurrency exchange: from $192 million in 2014, this number increased to $1.1 billion in 2017.

“We are glad to be partners with EXMO, to be partners with these guys. We are happy to be the first Ethereum token listed on the exchange”, KICKICO said in a statement. “When we thought of adding KICK tokens to different exchanges we thought of EXMO who see the great potential in our token. Now, the market is still developing slowly, however, we believe there will be a major increase in the price of KICK Tokens. EXMO has a very prompt-to action team, so EXMO views every project very carefully which enters their exchange, they care about its users. We know that it is crucial for EXMO to limit their users’ risk as much as possible and that the users should have access only to those investment tools that are at the utmost importance for them. EXMO chooses KICKICO from numerous ICO companies. They share the same vision as us, and they believe in the potential of KICK tokens”, KICKICO continued.

EXMO has also expressed the company’s excitement towards adding KICK tokens to its cryptocurrency exchange platform.

“From the company’s start, EXMO has grown its user base almost 10 times. Through the years of success, not just the number of users and transactions on the platform have increased but, also, the team. We may have achieved a good portion of success and completed many of our objectives but the greatest success is still on the end of the highway”, EXMO said.

KICKICO had a successful token sale behind the organization’s back with raising 84,635 ETH (over $25 million at the current exchange rate). The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which took place between August 29 and September 16, raised funds from over 10,000 backers attracting tremendous attention from the crypto community. The overwhelming success of the ICO could be clearly seen in the very beginning of the crowdsale: KICKICO has managed to raise more than $12 million in ETH just in the first two hours from the project’s backers. KICK tokens, powering the platform’s ecosystem, has become a hot commodity in the crypto space.

KICKICO seeks to revolutionize the crowdfunding space by eliminating the high fees and low project completion rates by implementing blockchain technology and providing a working platform along with an ecosystem based on the KICK Tokens. “Traditional” crowdfunding platforms also face problems with big corporations using their vast marketing budget to take over the crowdfunding space. KICKICO strives to solve this issue by utilizing the organization’s decentralized 3-in-1 platform where companies can raise funds using various methods, including ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting, while both parties are being protected by the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts.

For more information about KICKICO or KICK tokens, you can find in KICKICO’s blog: www.medium/@kickico or ask questions in Telegram chat:


KICKICO —  A platform for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting projects. KICKICO was founded in 2015 and launched its first ICO in September 2017, by now raising a total of more than $25 million equivalent in cryptocurrency. Its first hosted project – game Magisters of Magic – has managed to collect 280 ETH with a pre-set goal of 200 ETH.

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