BlockMason’s Credit Protocol Token Sale Opens to Public at Long Last.

October 8, 2017 BST | lvnadmin

It’s been a long week for the many customers interested in participating in BlockMason’s much-anticipated Credit Protocol token sale. While the sale opened on Oct. 1, the first week of purchases was reserved for those who signed up for the token sale whitelist and reserved and early purchase slot.

After a strong first week, selling roughly $2 million of Credit Protocol tokens, the sale will open on Oct. 8 at UTC 1600 the general public. In recent weeks, BlockMason has drawn significant attention in the Ethereum community with a series of high profile announcements, including the addition of Anthony Di Iorio, founder of Jaxx and co-founder of Ethereum, to their advisory team.

U.S. customers are particularly excited about the opening of the public sale as BlockMason is one of the few companies to make their ICO available to American purchasers after the SEC released their report on the DAO. BlockMason has pioneered legal research into the deployment of securities-law-compliant digital token sales, paving the way for other companies in the future to mimic the product-use token model with which BlockMason has been so successful. They are one of the few token sales to launch with a working product, Friend in Debt, which is built atop the Credit Protocol.

BlockMason’s innovative product and unique approach to launching a token sale have drawn the eyes of numerous industry leaders, including Andrew Levine, Communication Liaison for Andrew recently interviewed BlockMason cofounder Tim Galebach for a documentary series about innovative minds in the blockchain. While the full interview is yet to be released in full, a portion about the Credit Protocol has already been posted by BlockMason on YouTube. Galebach and partner Jared Bowie were also recently featured in an episode of The Bitcoin Podcast.

You can learn more about BlockMason and the Credit Protocol token sale at, or watch this short video.

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