The digital currency Ethereum Classic writes history on the Bloomberg terminals. Barry Silber, founder of the Ethereum Classic Fonds and Grayscale Investment, supported the integration on the platform.

The event marks an important milestone in Silbert’s plans to further support the currency emerging from the Ethereum Hard-Fork. He has made some progress with Ethereum Classic in the past.

It was only last week that London-based trading platform eTorro announced its intention to include Ethereum Classic as a trading partner in the future. The same applies to the Chinese online exchange BTCC.

Apart from the euphoric reaction of the Ethereum Classic Community, the present time might not have been optimal. In the past few days, the Bitcoin course and thus the courses of almost all alternative cryptic diet slumped into the cellar.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) lost around 15 percent of its value within 24 hours. Bitcoin fell in the direction of the 2,000 euro mark. The decline in value was, after all, not as great as the big brother: the Ethereum course (ETH) fell by 20 percent to 274 euros.

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