Bountyblok Integrates Asana with its Reward System Utilizing the WORBLI Blockchain

SINGAPORE, — WORBLI has recently completed an alpha test of the bountyblok gamification Asana integration. bountyblok and WORBLI have a strategic partnership agreement, whereby bountyblok is able to use WORBLI’s AML/KYC compliant architecture to institute new features for applications and businesses requiring compliant payment processing and monetized reward systems. The new gamification feature allows Asana teams to create internal challenges and tasks that earn points and achievements, allowing for simple tracking when team members have completed challenges.

Sean Anderson the Director of Business Development at WORBLI, had this to say, “This new feature is great for project managers because it helps them engage their people in a fun and captivating manner all while increasing overall productivity.”

For organizations looking to try out the integration, the connection is very straightforward and works via Asana’s OAuth 2.0 implementation. Once completed, team leads or project managers can create a set of tasks on bountyblok that are linked to existing Asana workspaces and projects.

Every time an individual marks an Asana Task as completed, Asana will notify bountyblok with the details to match them with any ongoing challenges. 

“Getting to test the integration really got our team leaders excited about the different possibilities when it comes to incentivizing team members to utilize Asana and incorporate it into their work.  With decentralized teams and contractors it can be a real challenge to get people to adopt a software like Asana when they are used to working through messaging apps or emails which are neither efficient or easy to track.  With bountyblok supporting Asana, we can reward team members for simply doing what needs to be done, in the most efficient way possible,” said Anderson.

Dimiti Nikolaros, co-founder of bountyblok explained, “A key to productivity is incentivization. By gamifying a company’s Asana workspace, leaders can easily motivate their teams with bonuses, prizes, or any other rewards they can think of. What’s more, with our built-in leaderboard, managers will have their teams rushing to complete tasks.”


CONTACT: Sean Anderson, [email protected]

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