Bitcoin Therapy HotlineBitcoin Therapy Hotline

The first week with Breadwallet’s Bitcoin Therapy Hotline exceeded all expectations, announced Breadwallet CMO Aaron Lasher. He did not know what to expect when launching the hotline, according to’s previous interview, but knew there had been a lot of negativity and vitriol permeating the ecosystem. He just wanted to find a way to inject some optimism. That was the ultimate purpose of the hotline, even if it was not touted as 100% serious. It was not a joke either, though.

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Breadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds ExpectationsBreadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds Expectations

How the Hotline Exceeded Expectations

Lasher outlined many highlights about the hotline’s performance. He said quite a few old friends called to catch up or chat. He had many callers who harbored concerns about the blocksize debate and what would happen to their bitcoin. Some of them even appeared to need moral support as a result of bitcoin’s current bear market trend.

Some just called to request new features for breadwallet’s native application. They were interested in new services and promoted many possible ideas. Lasher said he accepted these calls with humility, saying it may directly alter Breadwallet’s road map.

He said the hotline also received calls after hours, especially on the weekends. This acted as a testament to the popularity of the hotline. Many of the callers also left a voicemail. Lasher mentioned 20% of the callers were women. This was good news for him, because it suggested the bitcoin community has diversified.

Conclusion: Most Shocking Revelation

The most shocking revelation of the Hotline for Lasher was the fact he received zero prank calls. Not a single person called just to get a quick laugh and waste time. That appears like it bodes well for the entire community. Lasher elaborated and provided a graph of the calls:

“Of all the calls we received, we did not get a single prank call. Frankly this was the most shocking revelation of all, considering it was our biggest fear that people with too much time on their hands would abuse the line for a cheap laugh. But we had zero, nada, zilch. Faith in humanity restored. For those who are interested, below is a distribution of the types of calls we received:”

Breadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds ExpectationsBreadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds Expectations
Chart courtesy of Aaron Lasher and Breadwallet

The number to the hotline is still posted on Breadwallet’s blog. It is: +1-305-791-491 (Open weekdays 10a-5p EST),

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