BrickBlock is using the blockchain technology to change the investment paradigm of the cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering market. Instead of investing in single properties that give you unguaranteed success and high level of risks, Brickblock offers you an ICO sale that gives you many baskets, helping you to spread your investment portfolio, trade and enjoy an investment service never before in the history of the blockchain industry.

In a nutshell, Brickblock represents the new revolution when it comes to trading assets. From coin funds to real estate to tokenized ETFs, there is no challenger.

And the process is as simple as A B C. Brickblock helps you to invest in diverse assets, trade and acquire assets, and receive your hard-earned investment in the near future.

The game-changing asset investment ICO

Commencing this day 31st of October, the Brickblock ICO is giving away 10 percent in bonuses for those who have registered on the starting day.  The platform is giving away 0.40 USD every token when the ICO kickoff.

Additionally, the middleman problem has been taken care off. You’ll meet diversified investment portfolios that move higher the ladder in your investment career.

Brickblock’s aim is to get $50 million USD, allowing blockchain enthusiasts to invest and reap their profits.

Run fast before the ICO ends

Brickblock’s tokens are not many. There are only 500 million of them and the earlier you start, the better. If you are looking for the perfect way to get trading with assets, then Brickblock should be your proud partner.

The BBT per price stands at $0.40. The proof of Asset Token is Brickblock’s ultimate agency that brings together real assets to real estate investment to cryptocurrency indexes. What ICO allows you to own real assets? It’s the first of its kind: Brickblock.

The transaction fee is very low at $0.50, which represents the Access Tokens on the platform. Since Brickblocks aim to drastically reduce transaction cost, it’s fulfilling its dream to give investors the chance to invest without much cost.

Why Brickblock and the team?

From secure real assets investment and ETFs to and Access Tokens, Brickblock is changing the entire field of investment into real assets, cryptocurrencies, and PoAs.

With an able team coming from different directions, you wouldn’t have to worry about any issue. Let’s all join the ICO and change the way we invest.

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