The global real estate business is taking a new leap as the Brickblock platform launches its alpha version.  Investors who seek to buy properties across the globe have faced a huge challenge in while finding the right place to buy their desired property as well as getting someone to trust to deliver the property without being defrauded along the line.

That’s exactly what Brickblock seeks to eliminate. The launching of the alpha version of their platform is certainly good news for investors in the real estate world, as this will bring buyers and sellers closer on a platform where there is 100% trust and secure transaction that leave all parties truly satisfied.

After months of hard work, Brickblock has eventually demonstrated that they can match their words with action, by rolling out the world’s first tokenized property expected to take place in December 2017.

Though the functionality of this version is till limited, this project brings to mind three important lessons:

  • The Brickblock team is serious. They now have a real blockchain-connected prototype is fully functional (connected to the Ropsten testnet through MetaMask).
  • The dream is only possible through teamwork. They can make the platform perfect before it is officially launched, if users provide sincere feedback regarding the platform.
  • It boosts the confidence of the potential users and investors in the ability of the team to deliver the tangible product before requesting for funding.

In line with evolving a fully functional platform, Brickblock will be commencing its ICO on 31 October 2017. You need more information about this? Then click here. You can as well register for the whitelist to get a bonus up to 10%.

With this innovation from Brickblock, it will now be easier for you to purchase a property in any part of the world from the comfort of your bedroom. You can locate a valuable property in Moscow even if you live in the heart of California in the United States, and then confidently negotiate price and pay to acquire the property without any fear. This is possible Brickblock has fool-proof and fraud-proof mechanisms in place to ensure secure transactions.

How will new users be able to negotiate their ways through a relatively new platform without getting lost? Users are expected to take the following steps:

Step 1: Install the MetaMask extension for Chrome or Firefox, to enable them to hook up to the blockchain from their browser.

Step 2: Set up a MetaMask account by following instructions on the drop-down menu from the top. Simply select ‘Ropsten Test Network’. To get 1 Ether to test the platform, click “Buy” and open the Ropsten Test Faucet before requesting 1 Ether.

Step 3: Open the alpha platform. Properties are listed in the ‘invest’ tab. You can click to view the details of any property that catches your interest. From there you can pretty find your way through the rest parts of the transaction; calculate the worth of the property and then invest.

Brickblock does not plan to end its dream at the real estate investment level; it equally plans to roll out alpha versions of investing in ETFs and coin funds soon.

Investors surely need this to boost their chances of owning properties they covet in any part of the globe. How far Brickblock goes depends on the success of the alpha version as well as the confidence the potential investors have in them.

Their ability to successfully launch the alpha version, perfect it and go ahead with the plans for the alpha versions of investing in ETFs and coin funds would make them a global leader in the industry. Most importantly, they must not rest on their oars as new entrants are likely to cash on their error to outperform them if they fail in any area.



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