Alexander Vinnik speaks out of his home country. There the operator of the Russian crypto-exchange BTC-e asserts his innocence.

In his first interview after his arrest, Alexander Vinnik talks to Russian media about the accusations raised against him by the US government. He emphasizes that he is not aware of any guilt and does not recognize the charges.

Vinnik says he has only done his work at BTC-e and that he can not be condemned. In addition, he had only been informed of the points which would be charged to him a month after his arrest. This was not done by American officials, but by his Russian lawyer.

Vinnik continued to criticize the American judiciary and stated that he could not understand how a Russian citizen could stand before an American court and be condemned.

Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece on 25 July after BTC-e was shut down by the US law enforcement agency. The Russian stock exchange is accused of being involved in money laundering activities. In the meantime, the crypto exchange is online again, but Vinnik is still being held.

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