Advertisment is an automatic online investment platform, part of BTChain Limited.

Headquartered in Manchester since 2017, BTChain is already making a big difference in the complex and competitive field of the cryptocurrency trading platforms., becoming the UK’s fastest growing bitcoin investment company of the financial year 2016/2017.

For many of you probably Bitcoin is a new thing, it is normal do not worry we are here to help you. So exactly how we work? In which areas we are specialized? Well our Traders focusing mainly on Bitcoin but we are expanding our fields also on new interesting alternative coins like ETH, ZEC, DASH and XMR. Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our investments, we are able to deliver steady income for our investors. With our platform investors choose one of our four simple bitcoin investment plans, make a deposit and sit back while our traders make work your Bitcoins. Our clients can withdraw their initial deposit any time after just 5 days since the date of deposit and apply for withdrawals quickly and easily through their Back Office. If you have been looking for a safe and user-friendly Bitcoin investment platform you are in the right place.

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