One of the key features of Buy&Sell is it’s integration of cryptocurrency and the blockchain into one of man’s oldest institutions: trading. For as long as people have been living together in villages, towns, and cities, people have been exchanging things.

For thousands of years, trade was something that occurred between two distinct people with no intermediary. It was a basic aspect of civilization that remained in the hands of the individual even under the staunchest of monarchs and strongmen.

But notice how I’m using the past tense. This situation is no more, or at least has been largely replaced.

Convenience killed what authority could not

It’s often been remarked that man will give up his freedom as long as it seems like doing so is an exercise of freedom. And this is exactly what happened in the bartering and trading sphere. Starting with newspapers, but truly picking up after the internet, classified ads began to become centralized. To rest under the aegis and control of a few men who could decide if it is shown, etc. Moving further, they began to charge for what had hitherto been a free exchange.

Further consolidation onto ever fewer sites has more or less led to the complete centralization of individual exchanges. What had been a peer-to-peer exchange since the dawn of language, suddenly found itself dominated by a few market dominating sites (sometimes even just one per country).

Of course there is a reason people gave up this freedom: these new sites gave them a much larger audience to whole they could sell their stuff. And their chances of finding what they want increased greatly as well. But it came both at a real cost and at the cost of their very freedom.

A recent example of this was the ban on potentially politically offensive flags in the United States. Classified and auction sites cannot claim to be open markets when they flagrantly step in and interrupt their own customers who were not breaking the law. This kind of moralizing is one of the risks of centralized classified sites.

As more and more interaction takes place online, there are very few decentralized ways of connecting with others who might want to buy or sell items.

More freedom, large audience

Buy&Sell addresses this problem straight-on. Using the blockchain and cryptocurrency it allows for the complete decentralization of the purchasing process while maintaining the features that made other sites come to dominate the market.

You still post your ad, you still browse by what you are searching for, but you do not give up any of your freedom as you do right now with pretty much any and all classified sites on the internet. And since so many are national monopolies, they hold a lot of power over you and your potential transactions.

Not only does the design of Buy&Sell make such issues a problem of the past, it provides an even greater potential base that can see your classified ads. Hitherto, classified ads have been extremely nationally limited for several reasons: cost of shipping, different languages, different currencies.

Today the first two are largely problems of the past. Shipping is cheaper than ever and English finds itself in the enviable position of being the global standard for business and entertainment. The last great support holding up the wall that divides the markets and people is differing currencies.

Buy&Sell completes the process of decentralizing peer-to-peer exchanges by freeing users from the confines imposed upon them by their currency. Using cryptocurrency the playing field is leveled and there is no inherent difference between a buyer in one country and a seller in another. Making it easier to post, find, buy, and sell goods and services all over the world.

Offering an even bigger market to users and vastly improved freedom and security, Buy&Sell is poised to bring the crypto revolution to the  classified market.

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