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ZEC Gemini listing may yet change things

It is every crypto’s goal to make as many big partnerships and to reach as many big exchanges as possible. Doing so means an increase in exposure, more trust for the coin, as well as much more activity. If the coin even ends up getting a few trading pairs, that’s even better. This is why ZEC Gemini listing is so important to ZCash.

In fact, many believe that the listing might help ZCash hit a $1,000 mark, which would ultimately put it among the most valuable coins on the market.

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Of course, hoping for an increase that would allow any coin to reach new heights is seen as an extremely optimistic way of looking at things, even when the market is not constantly out to get every single coin. This year has left numerous cryptos in ruin, hoping that they will be able to survive until a better period arrives.

When it comes to ZCash, the coin is actually not doing so bad. In fact, it has been among the cryptos with the most stability. Its price fluctuations were minimal ever since the drop back in January. Now, the investors and holders hope to change this, and they see the ZEC Gemini listing as a way to do it.

ZCash depends on network upgrades as well

ZEC is a popular coin by itself, and the reason for this is the secure transfers that it is providing its users with. The transactions can guarantee anonymity, which has made the coin popular and wanted by many other exchanges apart from Gemini. The coin was originally listed on Gemini back in May, however, many would agree that the conditions for the coin’s rise were basically non-existent back then.

Now, the market seems to be making multiple attempts at recovery, and even though it suffered a few recent hits, it always returns to trading in the green. This might be the perfect opportunity for ZEC Gemini listing to finally pay off. While nobody expects the coin to just jump to $1,000 in a day and not drop back down over time, this is still more than a good opportunity for the coin to leave some of its rivals in the dust.

Many also agree that the hype will be over after the original price surge and that the coin’s future will depend on the future network upgrades. Whether the improvements will be enough to sustain ZCash’s new price or not — remains to be seen. For now, however, the coin is still waiting for its opportunity to skyrocket, with its current price being at $114.38. According to the CoinMarketCap, the ZEC is currently ranked as the 21st largest coin by market cap. If the price goes up, this is expected to change as well, so the potential investors might want to consider buying a few of the ZEC coins before it all happens.

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