CarVertical, a company that seeks to integrate vehicles into the Internet Of Things to make driving more “smart” and efficient than ever, has announced Carvertical.CITY, a platform that will help execute this vision in the coming years. The platform utilizes IOTA technology, and the company tweeted the announcement that they had made progress with regards to “automated car parking” on November 7:

We created a cute combination of #OBD, #GPS and #IOTA #Tangle possibilities, then gave it a name. Meet, a platform which will bring #iot benefits to the real life, starting with an automatic car parking. Watch the video and more:

— carVertical (@carVertical_com) November 7, 2018

The company stresses that it plans on bringing IoT benefits to everyday life, and believes that it has created a “global unified solution for automatic car parking”.

Carvertical CTO Audrius Kusinskas explains, “We have created a cute combination of on-board diagnostics (ODB), GPS tracking, and IOTA Tangle possibilities.  Everything is packed and served in a single user-friendly carvertical.CITY app which accepts payments in CV tokens and IOTA.”

The app automatically starts counting time when the car is parked, and also automatically stops counting time when the user drives away, which solves the issue of overpayments. All that is required is for the driver to install a Carvertical ODB device and download the app to begin.

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