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Do you know how to play the most iconic, rewarding, and popular casino games? Surely you thought of roulette and slots first, but you might be surprised how much more lucrative and exciting playing card games can be. 

Ok, we understand that poker takes a lot longer to learn and master than blackjack. But out of this list of the top casino card games, it’s definitely a favorite of players all around the world. Card games generally tend to challenge us a little more than the other games like slots and roulette. Perhaps that’s the reason why players who love blackjack or baccarat usually stick to them. 

Some card games are based mostly on luck, but the ones that challenge you are a lot of fun as well. Here are the classic card games you’ll find in every casino, including online at sites like 888 Casino.

Blackjack – The World’s Favorite Casino Card Game

The blackjack table is usually crowded when you visit a casino, that’s because blackjack players understand what they can gain. Blackjack has the highest return to player rate out of all the table games. Roughly 99.7% of all the money the casino earns from blackjack goes back to players!

Moreover, with blackjack, you can choose from several different variants, so even if you are a pro, you don’t need to feel bored. Plus, it’s so easy to play that within minutes you can learn how to master basic blackjack strategy. 


In some parts of the world, baccarat is the most popular game of all. For example, casinos in Asia count baccarat at their number one source of revenue. There is something inherently glamorous about the game of baccarat which makes it popular with elite patrons. 

However, you don’t need to be wealthy to play the game or to have a good chance of winning. You’ll find games of baccarat at all betting levels, especially online where you can play numerous variations. 

Video Poker

Since traditional poker games are sort in a class of their own, we decided to recommend video poker instead. Video poker is much easier to enjoy in an online casino, and much less intimidating to pick up than regular poker. 

Like slots, you play video poker at a machine instead of a table. And choosing the right games of video poker means you can get better payouts than regular poker or even blackjack. With video poker, you can draw cards and earn winnings at 99.5% or higher!

Other Games Worth Mentioning

We went over the main choices for card games above, but you might find a few others at most casinos. For instance, Pontoon and Red Dog are two other popular choices that players love. Both of them offer you a thrilling and lucrative chance to win good money.

Another important point to mention is that you don’t necessarily need to play the above games for real money. It’s always worth it to try free games until you learn all of the rules.

Image by Patrick JL Laso from Pixabay

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