Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet Coinbase has joined the Proof of Work Blockchain Common App, becoming one of 18 participating crypto companies in the joint job application initiative:

The idea behind the Blockchain Common App is to allow budding crypto developers to submit one form that is immediately sent out en masse to all companies participating in the Proof of Work newsletter, instead of having to apply individually to openings at various Blockchain projects.

The app itself consists of a short Google form that anyone can fill out, listing past work experience, linking social media accounts, and describing the “coolest thing you’ve ever built or done?” among other questions.

Other participating organizations in the Proof of Work Blockchain Common App include Sia, ZCash, and OpenBazaar.

The crypto community in general also contains several group initiatives aimed at improving Blockchain technologies, collaborative in the same spirit as the Blockchain Common App.

The Enterprise Ethereum Initiative has more than 200 members working on privacy and scalability on the Ethereum Blockchain, and the R3 Blockchain consortium announced the creation in late February of a new legal center to train lawyers in Blockchain technologies.

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