CoinBox is a reliable cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to save over 100 cryptocurrencies and sell crypto in a single application.

In this article, we review CoinBox and show you how to use the cryptocurrency wallet.

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CoinBox wallet overview

CoinBox is an excellent cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to save, send, and receive thousands of crypto assets in one application. 

 In addition to supporting the top 100 cryptocurrencies, including the most famous ones, like bitcoin(BTC), ethereum (ETH), and ripple (XRP), CoinBox lets you store any ERC20 tokens. ERC20 tokens have become extremely popular since the ICO days in 2017, and have risen to prominence once more during the decentralized finance (DeFi) craze.

CoinBox is a cloud-based desktop and mobile wallet with an in-built exchange that offers speed and ensures convenience and security. The wallet creates an excellent interface for carrying out any cryptocurrency operations like monitoring token prices. There are no limits on how much you can transact inside the CoinBox wallet’s exchange.

What’s more, a recent update lets you sell your crypto for fiat directly via SEPA to your bank account. CoinBox offers great customer support in case you run into any trouble while using the application. Support queries are settled as quickly as possible.

You can use CoinBox on Android, iOS, and on a desktop via the web wallet. Further, CoinBox lets you trade on your AppleWatch. The wallet was one of the first platforms to make this possible.

How to get started with Coinbox

To get started, you need to use the web app or download the mobile app on Google Play or App Store.

You can then proceed to register by providing your email and password.

Now that you have signed up, you can quickly receive and send cryptocurrencies to anyone. You can also purchase or sell cryptocurrencies inside the app, as shown below: 

How to purchase crypto on CoinBox Wallet


Find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and click on it. On the new page that loads, click the buy button to get started.

The next step is to enter the amount you want to buy. You can buy between $45 to $10,800 in one purchase. In this example, we are buying $65 of bitcoin (BTC) on CoinBox. Click on “Pay 65 USD” to continue.


A new page will be loaded where you are taken to a payment processor to finalize the transaction.

How to sell crypto on CoinBox Wallet

Similar to the process for purchasing crypto on CoinBox, you have to identify the cryptocurrency you want to sell and click on it.

Click on sell to continue. You will be required to verify your identity. Enter the amount of crypto you want to sell in USD. After, you will have to enter your bank account or PayPal details to finish the transaction.

CoinBox affiliate program


The CoinBox in wallet exchange has a unique affiliate program, which allows you to receive up to 80% commission of the user’s friends’ transactions. All you need to do is send your referral code to friends to use it when signing up. 

To find your referral code, go to the “Invite” tab on the application. You can then share your code with friends via social media and earn passive income. You can also track your referrals and the commissions you have earned overtime via the ‘Referral Statistics’ page.

CoinBox Wallet settings


CoinBox gives you total control of your wallet and how you interact with the application. You can access this control in the settings tab.

You have access to settings on the security level, native currency, notifications, and also contact support.

In the security window, you can strengthen the protection of your funds. You can enable protection via code password, fingerprint scan, or face unlock/ID.

Further, you can also confirm all transactions by email. To enable this, click on “Enable email confirmation” and enter the code sent to your email address.

The dynamic address option in the security window will change your receiving address after every incoming transaction. This feature is only available for bitcoin (BTC) at the time of writing.

Another important feature in the security window is “backup.” By backing up your wallet, you can use the same wallet on another interface and, most importantly, recover funds in case you lose your device.

In the “National Currency” window, you can choose any convenient currency for you to complete transactions.

Bottom line – Should I use CoinBox?

CoinBox wallet offers a clean wallet interface with several crypto options, an in-wallet exchange, and full control over your funds.

The wallet app is a great choice to consider when using a wallet.

Highlights of key features of CoinBox

  • Over 100 cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • ERC20 tokens supported.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Over 1,500 assets are supported in total.
  • Instant sell to bank account inside the app.
  • Apple Watch trading support.



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