The crypto-asset management platform, CoinDash has entered into a partnership with GateCoin on 10th October 2017 to integrate with Gatecoin exchange, the Hong Kong-based Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange platform. CoinDash, the multi-coin dashboard that lets investors manage, track, and analyze their portfolio across multiple tokens, exchanges, and wallets will be offering its users an additional path to purchase Coindash tokens (CDT) which is now listed on the Gatecoin exchange.

“We are thrilled to complete our integration with Gatecoin as well as having the CDT traded in their prominent exchange,” says Alon Muroch, the CEO of CoinDash, “Gatecoin users will soon be able to integrate their accounts into Coindash and receive real-time information and insights from their Gatecoin trading accounts as well as different wallets they use”.

CDT, the Coindash token available on the Gatecoin exchange, allows investors to support the CoinDash platform while simultaneously benefiting from the company’s long-term growth. Gatecoin will provide the Coindash token to its user base to attract a wider base of potential investors. This will help CoinDash achieve its goal of lowering the barriers of entry to cryptocurrency investment markets. Once CoinDash and Gatecoin systems are fully integrated, it will be easy for Gatecoin users to keep track of their crypto assets. The new face of these platforms was arrived at with the mainstream user in mind.

“Gatecoin strives to provide the users with an easy-to-use and dependable platform to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens. By integrating with CoinDash, we are offering our users the ability to monitor their crypto-token investments in a streamlined way,” Aurélien Menant, Founder and CEO of Gatecoin, “We are also exited to list the Coindash token, CDT on Gatecoin giving our users access to more investment opportunities. The CDT token will be available through CDT/ETH, BTC/ETH trading pairs.”

The cryptocurrency investment market has grown drastically over the years. There has been a rapid increase in trading volumes, market capitalization, and the number of projects using crypto tokens. The potential growth of CoinDash and Gatecoin comes from the potential crypto users who are interested in the technology but are yet to begin trading because of the complexities. This integration will serve as a way to unearth potential crypto-investors and grow the overall adoption of the blockchain technology.

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