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Asia is the crypto verse’s center. Bitcoin was (we suspect) created in Japan. Most of the world’s crypto mining takes place in China and Korea has a very enthusiastic crypto market that’s behind every one of the world’s markets big developments. So it’s not a surprise that Cointext has made an effort to go into several Asian countries. Israel and Hong Kong, for a start.

Cointext is an innovative service that allows for cryptocurrency holders to transact without an internet connection or an account. All it takes is to have a mobile phone and then you can send and receive digital assets by simply sending or receiving SMS messages. It’s simple, convenient, fast, and relatively low-tech.

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It’s a very young project (it went live only last March). It’s available in several countries (the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and South Africa). 

With Cointext you get a full-fledged crypto wallet that needs you to hold no account in an exchange, or install any apps, or remember a password. You don’t even need Internet service, just your normal mobile service that supports SMS texting. It’s a very big step in the democratization and adoption of cryptocurrencies everywhere where it’s available.

Using Cointext is as simple as this: you just issue a command in an SMS (available commands include RECEIVE, SEND, START, and BALANCE) to a local number (Hong Kong: 85257456744; Israel: 972526230418). You start by sending “START” to the number in question, and a wallet will be set up for you in the system, instantly. That’s all it takes.

The new development for this company is that it’s making available it’s Bitcoin Cash Wallet (BCH) available in Hong Kong and Israel (and this includes the Palestinian territories). 

The company’s founder and lead developer, Vin Armani, considers these two countries to be strategically critical. In his own words

“These are important regions for us to connect because they’re financial centers. And Cointext gives them a simple alternative to physical cash.”

And that’s just the beginning. Only last week, Cointext announced that it will become available in several other European countries (namely Germany, Austria, France, Estonia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic).

The current service available in Israel and Hong Kong is available in English only. But developers are working so Chinese, and Hebrew will be available for local users as soon as possible.

The company is quite experienced in localization since it’s available in more than 20 countries (25 to be specific) and 15 different languages. So it won’t take it long to develop the required technology to serve in the local languages.

At the current time, it’s unknown if other digital assets will be available through Cointext, and it’s anybody’s guess why it chose to offer BitCoin Cash instead of other, more traded, coins. But it’s good news for both the company and BTC.

If you have an account in any of the main cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, knowing that Cointext is around will be a breath of fresh air, as you probably know that making transfers in that kind of exchange or platform is not simple at all.

Congratulations to Cointext, and let’s hope that this service becomes available the world over very soon.

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