The online publishing industry is heavily dependent on revenues from advertisements. At the same time, the increased usage of internet for virtually everything has made online advertising a desirable platform for businesses and advertisers.

However, most of the online advertisers these days opt for centralized platforms like Google AdWords and AdSense, which can be quite expensive and may or may not allow the advertisement specifications to be of advertiser’s choice. At the same time, the content creators and publishers are forced to include these services into their platforms as the interaction between the advertisers and content creators is not always easy.

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ContentCoin, a cryptocurrency startup is currently working on making it easier for advertisers and content creators to directly interact with each other and come up with the right kind of advertising campaigns without involving any third parties. This way, not only the advertisers get what they want, but even the publishers and content creators get their dues without having to pay a hefty commission to third parties.

ContentCoin is a decentralized platform that offers state of the art encrypted communication channel for the interaction between content creators and advertisers. Using this platform, advertisers will be able to choose from an array of different online platforms including social media channels in relevant categories to place their advertisements. They don’t have to worry about AdWords bidding to overcome the competition, and they will be in more control of where their ads are being displayed.

Meanwhile, for content creators and publishers, they will have the liberty to work with the client for the right price and target the right audience. ContentCoin is currently in the process of creating the future of content monetization, for which it has organized an ICO. The platform has made it easy for the investors to take part in the crowdsale by going through just three steps.

To start with, participants in the crowdsale will have to create an OmniWallet and purchase Omni tokens. These Omni tokens can then be invested in the ICO, in exchange for ContentCoin tokens. More information about the ICO is available on the platform’s official website.

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