As the world races towards a decentralized web space, so are investment opportunities cropping up in assets that are based on decentralized markets. One of the biggest businesses on which the Web 3.0 concept will be built is cryptocurrencies. The first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was initially devised as a means of exchange that cuts out centralized control and connects buyers and sellers using a peer-mediated distributed ledger system. Subsequent cryptocurrencies have gone far beyond this concept. They can now be traded for money and used to run various types of projects.

For instance, Ripple is being considered as the future of cross-border payments. Imagine a situation where investors in CrowdWiz can have their own crypto-based banking system which runs cross-border payments in a matter of seconds. Or imagine a system where real estate investments and transactions which are strictly crypto-based are organized from the CrowdWiz ecosystem. Consider a situation where a crypto-based app store is

Consider a situation where a crypto-based app store is setup to sell software and apps for different aspects of daily work and life. As a CrowdWiz investor, your money can be channeled into any of these promising investments quickly and without delay, once the entire investor crowd have granted their affirmation through voting.

The democratic nature of decision-making also eliminates a situation where investors buy shares of the company, only to have a few making all the decisions. Your money gives you a voice in CrowdWiz.

CrowdWiz for Investors

The CrowdWiz tokens are up for pre-sale on October 10, 2017, at 1000hrs UTC. There is a 15% bonus for first-day investors, so early adopters will get even better value. WIZ tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain technology, will be issued to all those who participate. Here are some of the advantages which WIZ token owners will have:

  • Access to trade on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Secure privileged access to investments in new crypto-based assets.
  • A platform to set up an Initial Fund Offering (IFO) for your own projects (using WizFund).
  • Voting rights and being the decision-maker on how your investments are used and managed (using WizVote).
  • Trade directly on the fast-moving cryptocurrencies, which is fast becoming the new face of online financial trading. Using WizExchange, CrowdWiz will integrate with existing cryptocurrency exchanges. This will provide deep liquidity in cryptocurrency trading, ensuring that your WIZ tokens can be monetized at an appreciated value.
  • Use your WIZ tokens to create access to the proposed CrowdWiz app store, which will house projects that are built to run and be paid for using these tokens. For instance, it is possible to create apps exclusively for financial trading which cover the entire range of products: trading software, trading indicators, market data and expert advisors, all within the app store. Payments for these apps can be made using WIZ tokens, which will be available as a payment system to all users of the CrowdWiz ecosystem.

There are loads of benefits awaiting CrowdWiz investors. Cash in on the 15% early bird bonus when you sign up for the presale

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