Cryptocurrency adoption relies heavily on companies and services making digital currencies as easy to use as cash. Decentralized finance, and second-layer payment technologies have played prominent roles in widespread reach and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. 

One company that is doing it differently is Crypterium. Through a unique offering combo of crypto banking options, a wallet, and a payment card, Crypterium is redefining crypto adoption. The company recently became an official VISA Europe partner and announced the launch of its new Crypterium Card VISA Edition
New Crypterium Card VISA Edition to Expand its Crypto Card Reach Globally
After becoming an official partner of the world’s leading electronic payment card issuer, Crypterium is diversifying its crypto card lineup with a new Crypterium Card VISA Edition.
Crypterium Card, the company’s previous card product offering through UnionPay, is already a popular choice amongst 30,000+ users across 150 countries. The new VISA card will expose more than 500,000 customers of Crypterium to a globally accepted payment method.
Users can load up the Crypterium card through the Crypterium Wallet. The in-wallet exchange service will immediately convert cryptocurrencies stored into fiat that can be used to load the card and then spent at any location accepting VISA cards.
The distinctly designed card adorned in vibrant yellow and dark blue not just looks stunning but also provides a smooth and familiar user experience. The card even supports contactless near-field payment technology, which is critical given the current environment and is expected to support Apple Pay. 
Crypterium is Issuing the New VISA Card for Free, CRPT Token will Holders Get Free-Delivery 
The KPMG and H2 Ventures awarded crypto bank aims to break down barriers and bridge the gap between crypto adoption and mainstream usage. One way they plan to do so is by offering the all-new Crypterium Card VISA Edition for free.

Commenting on the announcement, Crypterium CEO Steve Parker said: 
VISA is the world’s most accepted payment card. For us, this product was a logical step. The launch of the Crypterium Card VISA Edition is aligned with our desire to provide customers with exceptional flexibility. With this card, our clients can easily pay anywhere in the world with a single tap, keeping full control of their finances through the Crypterium Wallet
The only cost associated with each new Crypterium Card VISA Edition is the delivery fee, however, holders of Crypterium’s CRPT tokens will receive free-of-charge delivery – yet another key benefit to holding the tokens.
Access All Card Features Through Crypterium Wallet for iOS and Android
The new Crypterium Card VISA Edition, like the Crypterium Card from UnionPay, can be managed entirely from within the Crypterium Wallet on iOS and Android. 
The free app download enables a wallet interface that lets users block and unblock the card, set and alter their security PIN, take a look at transactions, and more. All accounts are 100% backed by insurance from industry leader BitGo.
The Crypterium Card VISA Edition could be a giant leap for crypto adoption, allowing more crypto holders to pay for goods and services at point-of-sale locations all over the globe where VISA cards are accepted. For more information, visit their website or download the free iOS and Android app.

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