Crypterium, a leading provider of crypto-focused payment cards aims at bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and their real-world adoption. The company recently added a Visa card option to its already extensive offering, further adding value to the entire range of Crypterium products.

Here’s why this is a big deal for crypto and why it will pave the way for mainstream adoption.

Crypterium Visa Card Accessibility Makes Crypto Spending Simple For All

The cryptocurrency industry is growing and has to go a long way before its potential can be fully tapped. Like the internet, it takes specifically designed user-centric technologies promoting simplicity, familiarity, and ease of use for adoption to happen on a wide scale.

For a long time now, crypto wallets have come across as confusing. Spending or sending cryptocurrencies have turned out to be even more daunting of a task. Fear of perhaps making a mistake in typing an address to pay a friend or vendor and losing those funds has kept regular people away from using digital assets in everyday life.

Enter Crypterium, a company that’s offering a gateway to mainstream adoption through its diverse lineup of crypto cards. It seeks to make storing, sending, and spending cryptocurrencies similar to the cash stored in your bank account.

Crypterium has also debuted a new Visa card as an alternative to its already popular UnionPay card available across over 150 different countries, adding a major stamp of approval to the crypto card space.

Using the Crypterium Card Visa Edition, the company’s more than 500,000 users can access ultra-fast point-of-sales or online payments, wherever Visa cards are accepted. This incredible flexibility and reach make the Crypterium Card VISA Edition the brand’s best all-around package yet.

To expedite adoption in the cryptocurrency industry, Crypterium is offering these VISA cards absolutely free. Austin Kimm, Chief Operating Officer at Crypterium, explained the motivation behind making the card accessible to its users.

“Nowadays, most banks offer prepaid cards at no cost. At Crypterium, our goal is to make available similar (or even better) financial services for cryptocurrency holders. People using digital assets needed a truly affordable payment card. And that’s what our VISA card is all about,” Kimm said.

How The Crypterium Wallet Seamlessly Connects Crypto With POS Card Transactions

Central to the Crypterium Visa card experience, along with Crypterium’s other cards, is the Crypterium wallet app for iOS and Android smartphones. Users can store cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet app, then spend them anywhere where Visa cards are accepted globally and online. The app also offers a spending ledger and lets users set their card PIN directly from within the dashboard.

The card itself features a stunning bright-yellow design and offers high spending and withdrawal limits. All Crypterium accounts are also insured by the industry’s best crypto custody providers – BitGo.

To learn more about Crypterium and the new Crypterium VISA card, visit the company website for additional information.

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