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Win rewards while having a blast: Crypto Gravity from ionomy Studios. [Note: This is a

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Win rewards while having a blast: Crypto Gravity from ionomy Studios.

[Note: This is a press release]

Crypto Gravity is Here

SWANSEA ­ March 3, 2017 – ionomy Studios has launched Crypto Gravity, the first major title of their new mobile gaming franchise. Crypto Gravity, the foundation stone of the business model, is free to play and available on iOS and Android.

Lead character Grav must navigate the dangers of a futuristic dystopian galaxy, plagued by deadly robots and collapsing infrastructure.


Only Grav can restore the powers of the blockchain, and he’s racing against time. Jump and shoot your way through the galaxy to restore the power of the blockchain to the people. It takes precision, creativity, and mastery to advance through progressively challenging levels. Featuring a new take on an iconic gaming style, Crypto Gravity is a classic action platform game.

Gravity melds easy­to­learn touch and tilt controls with old­school levels of difficulty. Head to head tournaments, equipment upgrades, flying enemies, and a chance to save humanity combine to deliver an immersive experience. Gamers enjoy challenging and fun gameplay while earning rewards.

Regular tournaments pit players and teams against each other for substantial prizes. Champions win ION, the digital currency based on Bitcoin that’s at the heart of ionomy’s ecosystem. In app purchases and even regular play earn “points,” which are redeemable in the store on the platform.

Store items include a wide range of in game benefits, financial advantages, and merchandise, such as ammunition, extra lives, powerups, bonuses on ION held in the user’s account, and real world goods like phones, game consoles, and assorted gadgets. ION prizes can be withdrawn to private wallets or sold for Bitcoin on the Bittrex Exchange.

About ionomy

ionomy is a new digital entertainment and investment platform built around the ION coin, a digital currency. By integrating ION into mobile gaming and closely tying it to a user friendly platform, ionomy makes games that introduce new users to cryptocurrency at their own pace.

The mobile gaming market is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. Players will come for the fun of gaming, and stick around when they discover the value of the rewards in the real world for goods and services. Start playing now and get in on the ION economy at the ground level.

Visit us online at or join the developer and user community at Questions? (844) 237­2721

Images courtesy of ionomy, Shutterstock

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