According to recent statistics, more than half of the world’s total population has heard or seen something related to crypto-assets. Since its inception, Bitcoin, the flagship digital asset, has opened the industry to the whole world. Presently, there are more than 300 digital assets in the crypto space. The majority of the trading population in the crypto community has gotten into it for various reasons, including doing it for profits.

If you are aiming to get into crypto trading, you should continuously monitor the trends of diverse coins from time to time. However, considering some traders’ busy schedules, they may not be able to monitor the ever-changing trends of digital assets as often as they would like.

With this in mind, some cryptocurrency apps have been designed to analyze and provide you with real-time digital assets prices and give you the things you need to begin your journey as a trader. This article aims to justify that sole purpose. We will be driving you through some of the cryptocurrency apps that you should consider for trading in 2020.


coinbase mobile

Acknowledged as one of the best crypto exchanges globally, Coinbase provides its customer base with the basic feel of what crypto trading entails. Ranging from real-time price movements and analysis to a wide range of new happenings in the crypto sphere, the app is a great place to begin your crypto trading business.

Coinbase hosts over 300 digital assets and allows individuals to buy assets with their local cash or exchange their digital assets for cash. This cryptocurrency app also doubles as an online wallet. Users can store their various digital assets and be sure of their safety in their wallets. According to statistics, Coinbase has conducted businesses to the tune of around $20 million, and it is seen as the go-to exchange for crypto traders.


If you are venturing into the crypto world and want a basic breakdown of how everything works without losing a lot of cash, then Blockfolio would teach you all of that. Blockfolio offers traders updated price trends, daily price graphs, charts, and price notifications.

This cryptocurrency app hosts at least around 800 coins with detailed information about all of them. The app provides basic features, such as price notifications, order books, charts, and basic news in the crypto world from known entities, including CoinDesk and Bitcoin Magazine. Blockfolio has branches almost everywhere around the world, as it boasts of fiat currencies in about 30 different currencies. 


TabTrader is an app that combines all the technicalities of crypto trading and provides it in a simplified way for users to understand easily. The app supports various features peculiar to the crypto industry and offers real-time price analysis. Some of the app’s notable features include buying and selling digital assets, margin trading on Ethereum, and leverage trading.

The app has been optimized to reduce battery consumption and enable traders to trade easily without limits. It has all the technical indicators that a normal crypto app should possess and allows its client base to purchase digital assets on its platform using credit cards.



As one of the most interactive cryptocurrency apps in the market, CryptoTrader provides real-time analysis and details of a wide variety of digital assets in the crypto market. As a result of its optimized features, it offers seamless service, a well-developed user interface, and optimized charts adaptable for smartphones. It boasts one of the safest wallets, as it provides users with various authentication options to keep hackers from gaining access. The app supports a wide variety of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Augur, Zcash, Dash.



CoinDex allows users to take control of their crypto assets and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across the market. Accessibility is one feature that stands this app out amongst the various trading apps in the market. Users on the platform can choose any coin they want from the home screen and get all the necessary information about the crypto.

This app also provides users with the amount of gain or loss of assets they have undergone in a specific time frame. Furthermore, CoinDex offers the latest news in the crypto industry as well as forthcoming or ongoing ICO, which is one thing that should be known to any crypto trader. 



With the CoinCap app, a trader would always monitor the value of all the digital assets in the crypto industry with just a tap of the button. As a result of the charts present in the app interface, a trader can easily track the price and their total number of assets at any given time. The app further provides users with a “Search” button. It has an alert manager that warns users about the happenings in the crypto market. As a result of the alert manager, users can decide to cash in on their digital assets if the assets’ price is going critically low to the point of a loss. 


Generally, digital assets have been around for what is seemingly a long time, and people who have taken advantage of its existence have reaped massive benefits. Most traders might think that with the prices of the cryptos already at a sky-high level, they would not be able to keep up, but as the saying goes, the best time to start is now. To make venturing into the crypto space a reality, the cryptocurrency apps outlined above should be considered to make the trading experience enjoyable.

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