Darknet Amphetamine Buyer Busted After Lack of Postage on a 250g Amphetamine Package

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An all-too-familiar incident occurred in late January where the shortage of postage resulted in an investigation and subsequent arrest. A 31-year-old man from Geretsried, Germany, lacked 95 cents worth of postage on a package of amphetamines. In a fashion so commonly seen in the last few arrests, especially in this area, the package’s return address belonged to a local business. The business alerted the police who then began investigating the man.

The Wolfratshauser District Court sentenced the defendant in late January to probation, despite the prosecutor’s wishes for prison time. The judge showed mercy to the 31-year-old who already broke the law on several occasions. Police reported that the defendant violated narcotics laws in the past; caused grievous bodily harm; and incitement to the public. Currently, officials said, the defendant is working off 80 hours of community service from a previous crime. The judge, given the circumstances surrounding the defendant’s latest crime, told him that this sentence served as a reality check; he used every drop of luck and this was the final stop before prison.

The 31-year-old mechanic explained that he used the drug, amphetamine, on a daily basis. Usually three to five grams, he explained, “At that time

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