Hello and welcome to News BTC’s Market Outlook April 21.


DASH went back and forth during the session, bouncing around between $71 and $78.50 on the top against the US dollar. This range bound action looks set to continue, so a simple range bound trading system is probably best employed here. Looking for support near $71, and most certainly extending down the $70 to go long would make sense, while shorting near the $78 level should bring profit.


The LTC/USD pair rallied slightly during the evening, bouncing off of the $10 level. With the psychological significance of $10, I believe that this market is going to continue to try to grind higher, and the first target would be $12. A break above there should send this market to the $13.50 level above which was the recent high. Pullbacks should continue to offer short-term buying opportunities. Ultimately, this market should break out as we have seen so much bullish pressure all the way down to the $7 level.

Thanks for watching and see you again tomorrow

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