On the website every few seconds the IP addresses of the users of the anonymous crypto currency Verge (XVG) are published. XVG automatically supports TOR and the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) anonymization network. Many are wondering how safe Verge is.

Just a few days ago, colleagues at warned against using Verge. Although the transfers are extremely cheap and fast, one can not fully trust the anonymous use, they said. Currently, the IP addresses of participants in many Verge transactions are listed by a non-imprinted Web site. The anonymous operator announced that it would soon publish the transfers of the Electrum XVG Wallet. At the same time, it is restricted that not all listed IP addresses must be correct. But since the network is comparatively small, many of them should be correct.

In October, John McAfee, CEO of the company of the same name, met with a member of the Verge community. McAfee highlighted in his tweets on several occasions the potential rise in this cryptocurrency. The visitor claims that the manager wanted to be paid for his activities on Twitter. 1.1 million US dollars are said to have been in conversation. Later, the CEO of the anti-virus company did not want to know anything about this agreement. Who says the untruth is and remains unclear. Only the common photos that the XVG Whale, as he calls himself on Twitter, has been pinned at the top of his tweets are verifiable. What remains in the end is a bitter aftertaste of the story.

December’s in-house video announces that Verge (XVG) is the only digital currency that can not be traced back and is also suitable for daily use. It was announced via XVG’s own Twitter account that the IP addresses published on have been checked. You could not find a single accurate IP address.

Leak or fake? So far it is still unclear what the alleged data leak is. And even if you have the correct IP address, you need for some years for a civil law information procedure a legitimate reason to get the address of the connection owner from the Internet provider to get notified. However, law enforcement agencies should have no problems in suspecting money laundering, tax evasion or possible drug offenses to convince Telekom & Co. of their right to information.

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