Thanks to internet’s vital role in everyone’s lives, websites and their domain names represent the identity of a person or entity. The increased importance of online presence has turned domain names market into a lucrative business. Many individuals and entities have started buying and selling domains to make huge profits out of the trade. However, such a market continues to remain unorganized to a great extent.

Enter Nametoken, a blockchain based platform that brings structure to the domain marketplace. The decentralized platform, powered by NAT tokens allows people to register, list, park, buy and sell domains. In addition to making domain trading easier and more profitable, the platform also enables people to invest in domain names. These virtual real-estate investments have a potential to pay out huge sums when high-value domain names are involved.

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Nametoken is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs and experts who have been involved in the industry for over two decades. Armed with the expertise, they have come up with a well-planned ecosystem which is transparent and fully decentralized. The platform is developed over Ethereum blockchain, utilizing smart contracts to automate various activities including payments.

Nametoken uses a proven domain appraisal algorithm which utilizes user-generated big data to match domains with buyers. Users can also contribute to the platform through voting and data maintenance activities, earning NAT tokens in the process.

In addition to marketplace and investment opportunities, The Nametoken platform also acts as a domain registrar and provides hosting services.

As the development continues, Nametoken has announced the upcoming launch of its ICO campaign. The campaign, beginning on August 1, 2017, will allow people to invest in the decentralized domain ecosystem by purchasing NAT tokens. The crowdsale has an attractive bonus system in place to incentivize early participants. Unlike other platforms where the creators hold a significant percentage of tokens, Nametoken is offering 90% of NAT tokens to investors. The remaining will be distributed among the advisory/legal team (3%) and the Nametoken team (7%).

Nametoken takes pride in its policy of 100% transparency. In addition to sharing most of the tokens with investors, the platform also has scheduled buy-backs and reinvestment processes in place to increase NAT’s value.

More information about the platform and upcoming crowdsale are available on Nametoken website.

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