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As the population grows, many facilities, amenities and even day-to-day destination became harder to access. In cities, for instances, population expansion results in clogged transportation systems that are characterized by persistent traffic jams. Besides, many sectors of the economy and activities associated with them such as conservation, surveillance, data collection and many such undertakings continuously need enhanced technology to reduce the number of working hours involved.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have provided solutions to many of the undertakings mentioned here above. Such solutions continue to deliver cutting-edge innovations that make the said daily processes a lot easier. The one platform that seeks to move the drone marketplace even further, make it more convenient and safe is DEEP AERO. The decentralized network that relies on AI is bringing the drone marketplace into the blockchain, combining what are probably two of the most disruptive technologies of this century to help deliver convenience to humankind.

What is DEEP AERO?

DEEP AERO is a combination of three decentralized solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and hedged on the blockchain. These three solutions are DRONE-UTM, DEEP AERO Passenger and Cargo Drones, and the DRONE-MP.

DRONE-UTM is a decentralized platform that uses a combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to serve the needs of the drone economy. This harmonized framework seeks to provide solutions to air traffic management (ATM) and traffic management for unmanned aircraft system (UTM). DEEP AERO is building an independent platform that has self-governing features. The principal objective of this platform is to ensure the safety of both manned and unmanned aircraft within the airspace that these two categories of aircraft share.

DEEP AERO Cargo and Passenger Drones are designed to revolutionize the urban transportation scene by availing available on-demand aviation transportation solutions.

Lastly, it shall offer DRONE-MP, which upon attaining full operational status, will become the most significant marketplace where customers can buy any product, accessory or service that is related to drones.

About the Company

The company behind this revolutionary technology is DEEP AERO, which is a world leader and innovator in drone technology. The intelligent drone/unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management (UTM) platform is the company’s flagship project, and through this venture, the tech company based in the Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates hopes to build a comprehensive traffic management platform. The principal aim of the project is to bring enhanced safety in the civil aviation space by enabling both manned and unmanned low altitude civilian aircraft to operate safely within the airspace they share.

DEEP AERO is, however, a lot more than just a company seek

ing safety within the shared airspaces. The company aims to help both individuals and organizations to realize the benefits of drone technology so they can adopt these within their workplaces. The company envisions a world made more convenient through the use of drone technology in numerous sectors of the economy such as education, business, sporting, and even service delivery.

The company and team that wants to inspire this revolution are off to a good start. It is led by Gurmeet Singh Anand, a tech guru who is an early adopter of drone technologies. Gurmeet works with another two in the top echelons of the company and a tech team comprising of ten highly-qualified individuals with skills ranging from automation testing to blockchain engineering. With such a stellar line-up, talent clearly is in-house.

The ICO Details

DEEP AERO is offering 5 billion DRONE (native token) tokens for sale to the public during the token generation that begun in March 2018 and is currently ongoing. The platform has set half of these to be distributed through the public offering. The remaining 2.5 billion DRONES are meant to be distributed among the founders and advisors who will get 1.75 billion tokens or 35% of the total amount of tokens available. The pre-sale, as well as platform marketing ventures, did consume another 0.75 billion tokens.

Upon completion of the TGE, the platform shall burn whatever tokens that remain unsold.

During the TGE, the platform has set the price of DRONE at $0.05 with various discounts depending on the stage of the TGE a customer hops in. The full details of the ICO, pricing and fund distribution are available in this document.

Wrap Up

The global drone marketplace is expected to attain a total worth of US$ 50 billion in 2023 up from just under US$ 20 billion in 2017. Such growth is an indication of increased demand for the solutions that drones offer. However, the market expansion may not mean much if it not appropriately organized to respond efficiently to modern-day problems. DEEP AERO is stepping up to provide the much-needed infrastructure that will make drones a lot more useful, safe and readily available.

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