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DeepBrain Chain was launched as an ICO with the idea of creating a superb blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence computing network. In that spirit, DBC has entered the Innovation Alliance while also announcing a very important pre-sale of DBC Artificial Intelligence optimized servers that should be very soon outlet into pre-sale. DBC was a part of an AI Congress in Las Vegas, where the visitors had the opportunity to hear more about the mentioned AI optimized servers. What AI optimized servers represent in the roadmap of DeepBrain Chain and how well has DBC been doing these days?

DeepBrain Chain to have a Pre-Sale of AI Optimized Servers

During the Artificial Intelligence Congress held in Las Vegas, the visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the AI optimized servers, thanks to Dr. Dongyan, who held a speech about the mentioned pre-sale.

In the speech that Dr. Dongyan held on May 4th on this conference, the visitors had the opportunity to hear more about DBC and the technology this platform promotes, while Dr. Dongyan had the opportunity to present DeepBrain Chain to the representatives of different companies.

Dr. Dongyan was further talking about the real-life purpose of combined technology between AI technology and blockchain-based technologies. Judging by the acceptance his speech received from the audience, the speech seemed to have ended as a success.

During this speech, Dr. Dongyan has also announced that there would be a pre-sale organized for selling DeepBrain Chain AI optimized servers.

The announcement took place on May 4th, and it was stated that the pre-sale will be held in the following weeks of May, although the specific date of the pre-sale was not stated at the time.

In the statement, it was further added that the interested buyers would have to purchase a plan before bidding for pre-sale DBC optimized servers. All bids would be placed in form of DBC tokens to support the idea of paying with cryptocurrencies.

The servers are known by the name DBC AI Mining Stations and are said to have these available at various sizes and specifications.

DeepBrain Chain Announces Airdrop

Besides from having announced the above-mentioned pre-sale of optimized servers, branded as DBC AI Mining stations, DeepBrain Chain has also announced Airdrop that should take place pretty soon.

On May 10th, DBC team has announced on their official page that they will be having an Airdrop, scheduling this event for June 16th, which is at the time of this writing only a month away.

DBC has further added in the announcement that they will be rewarding 5000 first visitors who have previously registered on their official website. In order to take advantage of the mentioned airdrop, the registered website users will have to provide wallet addresses in the settings page by the end of May 15th to become eligible for the reward.

All 5000 of registered users will be rewarded with 100 DBC units each in case all requirements are met.

How is DeepBrain Chain doing at the Current Moment?

In the last 60 days, DeepBrain Chain has managed to collect 76% of rises against the dollar while being caught up in the market deep during 3 to 4 weeks in the period of the last two months.

In the last 30 days, DBC has made an even greater movement while rising up against the dollar, and so it managed to collect 82% of rises during the period of the last month.

However, due to the bad case of having the majority of currencies trading in the red for over a week, DBC lost -11% against the dollar during the course of the last two weeks while it went down by -25% in the last 7 days.

The last week was a bit rough on the cryptos as most of the currencies went down while trading in the red, however, we can see that trend slowly disappearing now as the great portion of cryptos is trading in the green again.

Following the latest market trend, DBC is going up against the dollar as well, so we can see it going up by 12.88%.

In addition to rising up against the dollar, DeepBrain Chain is also going up against BTC and NEO, going up for over 10% and 6% against these digital assets.

After the latest change that affected its price, DBC can be currently traded at the value of 0.097$ per one unit, which is still far from its record price of around 0.60$ as set back at the beginning of January.

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