A German man was charged with drug trafficking. The prosecution accused him of selling 11 kilograms of marijuana. The defendant also ordered narcotics from the dark web for his personal use.

Law enforcement authorities stopped a 39-year-old’s car because of his suspicious Hanoverian license plate. The suspect, 39, of Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany was arrested on the scene since the police officers found two garbage bags in the trunk that contained approximately two kilograms of marijuana.

When investigators searched the home of the defendant, they had found two black parcels containing drugs, 50 grams of cocaine and 2,600 euros of cash.

“I totally crashed,” the 39-year-old said before the 8th Grand Court of the District Court showing regret for his deeds. The court had heard that the defendant was previously convicted of drug-related charges.

According to the court records, the 39-year-old allegedly trafficked 11 kilograms of marijuana between April and June 2016. The prosecution accused him of supplying the Brunswick “drug market” sourcing kilograms of marijuana from Hannover.

The previous drug conviction of the 39-year-old resulted in therapy, and the defendant could return to his family as early as 2016.

But, according to the 39-year-old’s confession, he failed to stay clean from narcotics after a few weeks. In his words, he soon resorted to drugs, which he felt was a “humiliation for the pressure to be a good father,” and a simple job, which, according to his statement, “promised him an inner calmness”.

The defendant stated before the court that he needed between 70 and 200 euros daily to satisfy his drug addiction. He had mainly used synthetic drugs, which he purchased from darknet vendors. He had spent his time in casinos, the suspect even spent a 48,000-euro loan from his brother, which he had to pay back.

“I was remote-controlled. I neither thought of my family nor of the punishment,” the defendant said.

During his trial, the 39-year-old asked the court for another chance. He hoped he could be sentenced to therapy. However, he trafficked large amounts of drugs, and was punished with serious time in prison.

In addition to a prison sentence, a court can still order his admission to a center for therapy as a measure of execution if an accused is only partially responsible for his addiction but, at the same time, is dangerous to the public.

The 39-year-old thought he could get away with imprisonment of under four years. If the accusations are confirmed, “a punishment under six years should be realistic,” judge Renate Reupke said.

The police are currently investigating another suspect in the case who allegedly offered his place for the storage of the drugs. At a kilo price of around 6,000 euros, the other defendant could earn 250 euro per kilogram.

There is no information on whether the 39-year-old purchased the marijuana from the dark web. However, what we know is, that he bought the synthetic drugs for his own use from darknet sellers.

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