Deutsche Börse is thinking intensively about offering its own derivative, which should have a price bond to bitcoin. These are to be offered via the derivatives Exchange Eurex, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse. In the run-up to the introduction, however, the planned financial products should be examined in more detail. The aim is to clarify how to react to the sometimes extreme price fluctuations in the crypto market. Accordingly, the final release of Bitcoin futures or other deciding crypto financial products can still be postponed until well into the year 2018.

“We are thinking about futures that private investors and institutional investors can use to provide investment in Bitcoin or to put on falling prices of Bitcoin,”

A German Stock Exchange spokesperson is quoted.

The opening of the cryptographic trade for mainstream investors had been completed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) last Sunday, when the first Bitcoin futures were traded in the United States. Despite technical problems, the effects on prices in the crypto market were consistently positive. On the next Sunday, the 17th 12th, the derivatives exchange will move to CME and launch its own futures market.

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