London based startup DIGI is an upcoming blockchain service for digital goods and services who are aiming to disrupt this multi-billion dollar industry. Their focus is on building the worlds largest platform for these services.

Market research pegs the digital market at over $500 billion, which is more than four times the current cryptocurrency market. The increasing number of tablets, smartphones and Internet users has resulted in a high demand for digital content. There are presently more than 3.5 billion Internet users worldwide.

By creating a digital marketplace that is readily accessible to buyers of digital content and profitable for sellers, DIGI will make it possible for digital products to be bought and sold quickly and easily.

What Makes DIGI Different

Some existing digital platforms now take up to 60% of content contributors’ earnings and invoke tier systems where the more the contributor earns, the less commission they receive.

DIGI, by contrast, will create an ecosystem that will not deny content creators their rightful earnings.
The DIGI distributed ledger will also address copyright infringement issues which currently undermine the use of digital platforms. DIGI’s main revenue generation will not be based on commissions from content creators, but from promotional revenue streams of the DIGI Token.

DIGI will initially focus on what market researchers have identified as the 10 fastest growing digital products: e-books, stock photography, courses, subscriptions, services, apps, themes and templates, digital/gift vouchers, audio and video.

By focusing on these markets, DIGI will produce a highly scalable and profitable marketplace. As digital sectors evolve, the DIGI marketplace will become the platform of choice thanks to its moderated and high quality products.

Phase 1 of their roadmap which includes the DIGI UI design has already begun and will be completed within the next few months.

The DIGI Token

Holders of the DIGI Token, an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, will be able to use these tokens within trading and exchange platforms. They will also be able to use the tokens to purchase digital goods or services from the DIGI marketplace.

The fixed supply of 98 million DIGI Tokens ensures that early contributors to the platform will receive a great return of tokens on their contribution.

The DIGI token sale is now live. Visit to find out more. Currently they have a 20% Bonus for early contributors which ends very soon.

DIGI Tokens are not designed for speculative or investment purchases.

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