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The number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, and thanks to a lot of confusion that this growth is causing, sometimes, a crypto of great potential manages to go unnoticed. Digibyte (DGB) is a perfect example of it, and it might need a second look.

About Digibyte

Ever since the cryptos displayed their potential, their numbers started to increase at a rapid rate. Not only is their value increasing when the times are good, but the number of different currencies alone skyrocketed.

As great as this may seem at first, even crypto enthusiasts had to admit that they sometimes have trouble deciding which one to invest in.

One of the hidden gems of the crypto world definitely includes Digibyte (DGB), and many have started to notice this coin’s potential. According to them, it is only a matter of time before Digibyte’s value skyrockets as well, due to its amazing features an function. Not to mention a brilliant team that developed this asset in the first place, led by Jared Tate.

The coin was originally founded by Tate back in January 2014. Tate’s biggest concern was cybersecurity at that time, which is why Digibyte might be one of the safest coins around even today. Another amazing feature that it offers is an incredible speed. To demonstrate how great its speed really is, let us just say that it is 40 times faster than Bitcoin (BTC).

These features alone make Digibyte one of the fastest and safest coins in the world, which is also protected from any kind of malicious attacks.

Despite this, it remained relatively unknown, until it received a shoutout from John McAfee. This has boosted its market cap to $1 billion back in January. The individual coin price also went from $0.03 to $0.13, which definitely proves that this crypto has a lot of potentials.

Digibyte’s features

Digibyte is known as a crypto with a lot of useful features, some of them already mentioned earlier. Its security is five times stronger than Bitcoin’s thanks to 5 mining algorithms, while BTC only has one. Additionally, its mining is a lot more decentralized than that of many other cryptos, and it can be changed if it threatens to come too close to centralization.

As for its speed, it is 40 times better than Bitcoin, with 1-3 second notifications regarding the transactions. Not only that, but it only has a 15-second block, while Bitcoin block last up to 10 minutes. DGB tokens are confirmed after only 1.5 minutes, while BTC takes an entire hour.

When it comes to transactions per second, Digibyte is capable of handling 280+ of them, where BTC can only do 7.

As for its supply, the plan is to create 21 billion coins over the course of 21 years. It has a lower price thanks to the sheer volume of the coins, but this is expected to increase the number of microtransactions, as well as lead to greater stability of the coin’s price.

It is also very flexible, and capable of adopting even more new features, should the need for them arise. According to some plans, Digibyte might become capable of handling several thousand transactions per second in the future.

Obviously, this is a crypto with a lot of potentials. Not only is it faster, more secure, and more flexible than other cryptos, but it also promises to become much more than that. Its current price according to CoinMarketCap is $0.037481, but that might change soon, should this coin become noticed. And a low price is not that bad if you wish to invest in it. The time for purchasing these tokens is while it is at its bottom and now is the chance to do just that.

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