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Digitex price prediction

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, one of the most important aspects is to decide what coin to invest in. It is in investors’ best interest to go for those coins that have a bright future ahead of them. This is why a lot of people aim to make long-term investments and build their wealth over time.

Lately, many investors noticed an aspiring coin by the name of Digitex Futures (DGTX). The coin is young, and rather unique since it is the currency used on Adam Todd’s first ever commission-free futures exchange. Due to its important purpose in this exchange, investors have started making inquiries about Digitex price prediction.

About Digitex token

Digitex (DGTX) is a native cryptocurrency of a new, commission-free futures exchange. All profits and losses that traders make on this exchange are paid out in DGTX coins. This also means that DGTX coins are necessary to enter the trade in the first place, which creates a demand for Digitex. Also, DGTX is an ERC-223 token, which means that it was created on Ethereum’s blockchain.

In addition, Digitex also covers different costs, such as running the exchange. It does this by creating a small number of new coins every year, which means that transaction fees are not experiencing any changes. This is important because Digitex Futures Exchange does not charge transaction fees, and thanks to DGTX, it will never have to.

Digitex price predictions

DGTX became very well-known in 2018 thanks to the fact that it dramatically outperformed every large cryptocurrency this year. At the time of writing, DGTX has a price of $0.129061 per coin, which is not especially big, but the coin’s use case makes it very desirable. It is currently growing against USD, BTC, and ETH alike, and it is currently holding the rank of 69 on CoinMarketCap.

The coin’s excellent performance is due to the fact that the Digitex team, led by Adam Todd, has been very successful at disrupting the futures industry via their employment of blockchain. Since their platform has attracted a lot of attention, so did its native coin.

This means that the coin’s price will likely continue to grow throughout the rest of 2018. As for 2019, it is difficult to make accurate predictions, since the crypto market is known for volatility and significant changes caused by small events. However, DGTX trading volume often exceeds $1 million per day, with the volume in the last day being over $1.1 million.

Analysts claim that volume is going to get even higher as the demand for this coin grows, As a result, the price is likely to follow, and maybe even lead to a full bull run.

Most experts agree that, in 1 year, DGTX price will likely reach around $0.384. However, a Digitex price prediction for 2023 is much more promising, and it places the coin’s value at $1.20. This makes 2018 the best time for investing in this crypto. It has already demonstrated that there is a significant demand for it, and that is a well-designed coin, backed by a good team, and necessary for operating on Digitex exchange.  In a way, this guarantees its future. While predictions are not the most accurate due to obvious reasons, analysts and crypto experts all share a positive view of this coin, which has only increased its popularity.

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