DROPLEX [DROP] – secure NSA bulletproof blockchain ICO

July 3, 2017 BST |

Droplex Platform   Financial   instruments are  digitize as  a  permissioned blockchain,  here  is  a   possibility to rapidly   create trading venues with a stable  value. And after that reduce operational overhead. Digital solutions Full system  run as a digital  exchange, with  fully-hosted  options available. Custom deployments may be launched in less than a few weeks.  Exchange Automated market-making  tool  has got  more  than  just one-party liquidity pool. We are honored that we can give you briliant third-party liquidity sources. Supports multiple source  exchanges  and  smart routing,   with  automated    account management.  Quantum defender Feel safety with a quantum defender ! We’ve already set up a meeting with D-wave company. Why ? Because We’re going to be one  of the first platforms which soon tests the security system  against  the quantum pc. The quantum defender, is not just focused on the idea of being a wall against quantum computing attacks, but it is in  preparation to become a network of options for safe and trusted  place. We believe that blockchain needs to be involved in long-term  assets and transactions, it has to think long-term. Long-term  includes  thinking  about  quantum  computing and dealing with that tricks and threats.

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