On January 7, two individuals—Daniel John Young with a lengthy list of priors and his partner, Terri Louise Graham—stood in front of a magistrate judge for both nine and seven charges, respectively. The charges, according to evidence from an officer’s testimony, stemmed from the distribution of drugs obtained on darknet marketplaces, Offices arrested Young and Graham after six people wound up in the hospital after taking drugs provided by the couple.

Daniel John Young, a 29-year-old with a lengthy list of priors that included manslaughter and drug distribution, faces nine drug related charges. The charges, according to the prosecutors, dated back to crime July 2016. They continued until February 5th, 2007. His partner Terry Lewis Graham only faces seven charges. The dates of her charges match those of her partner.

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The charges for both defendants included session Annex with intent to supply and possession of Oxycontin with intent to supply. Also, along with intent to supply charges came simple possession of Class A and Class C charges.

Despite the charges that police charged both defendants with, investigators admitted that, since the investigation was in its early stages, they found no link between both defendants and the six individuals who ended up in the hospital for Xanax overdose. One man, who remained unidentified, supplied the drugs to all six hospitalized individuals. However, information from one of the defendant’s cell phone and images on social media, officials told the court, indicated that both defendants knew the drug supplier and frequently purchased drugs from him.

Officers said that the one man—the social media suspect—already found himself in police custody. But the investigation was still in the early stages and no definitive claims could be made, a police official said.

According to the Derry Journal:

“The court heard allegations that six people have been hospitalised in the last 10 days as a result of taking Xanax. An investigating officer said one man has already been remanded in custody for supplying those six people with the drugs. He added that police believe Young and Graham are connected to this man and that he received the from them.

The officer said police searched Graham’s home at the weekend and seized a number of mobile phones. It is alleged these phones contain information on who the couple bought drugs from and who they were supplying them to. There is also allegedly photographs on the defendant’s social media account from the person police believe the couple are sourcing the drugs.”

Because of Daniel John Young’s long history of criminal activity, he made no attempt to receive bail. His partner, Terri Louise Graham, found herself in a different position. Both Young and Graham admitted to buying drugs from vendors on darknet marketplaces and reselling them to others—but, not the six in question. However, Police officers argued against Graham’s temporary freedom until the next court appearance.

Graham abused drugs, they explained, and even though she could not contact the main local supplier, she would make orders from darknet marketplaces. (She was addicted to Oxycontin – a drug readily available on the darknet marketplaces.)

Deputy District Judge Liam McStay, though, took her lack of criminal history into account. She set a $251 bail for the partner, restricted all contact with young, banned the use of both mobile number phones and the internet. Graham must check in with the police three times a day and must avoid the police investigation.

The couple will reappear due for sentencing on March 6.