There is a new method of investment in the real estate that seeks to introduce the blockchain into real estate, known as Estate Coin. What the project aims to do is to combine both real estate and Information Technology and offer investors a chance to earn attractive returns.

Real estate has always been considered to be a good investment the world over. There is no doubt about this. However, with the proliferation of Information Technology and indeed blockchain technology, new asset classes have emerged in the investment arena that are considered to be profitable and with little or no maintenance costs. That is where Estate Coin comes on board.

What the whole project aims to do is to combine real estate investments with mining farms that have been fitted within the houses. The mining rigs set up will enable real estate investors recoup the funds invested in the project within a relatively short time frame. Apart from all this, the residents of the house will also benefit from his technology. The heat generated from the mining rigs will be used for heating purposes within the residential area.


Investors stand to earn an income of over 30% on an annual basis. This is based on the value of the crypto currencies. When the tokens are brought during the ICO, the investors will be allocated actual space on the real estate.

It is envisaged that the investors will continue to get returns in their investment for up to 25 years. The tokens that are offered in the project use blockchain technology and work on a platform called Waves.

The token sale started on 1st of September, 2017. The sale price of the token is made to increase significantly after the first week of its launch in the market. The price per token has now shot up 140% in all the reputable crypto exchanges. Some of the exchanges that host these token are Bittrex, Tidex and DEX.

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