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The Dilemma for Cryptocurrency Investors

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In the past one week, Bitcoin showed a upward trend from $3,510 to $3,620. However, According to the historical chart, this presents another “enticing” trend which might be a bull trap. It’s necessary to be cautious about its price suddenly plunged soon later. In fact, Bitcoin is still in the prolonged bear market. Since November, 2018, BTC has been making its downwards journey. Though there are some slight recovery, it’s hard to bounce back and hit the peak at $20,000 again. If the bear market continues, it’s impossible to make profit by holding BTC and waiting for its appreciation, let alone investors who started BTC trading since late 2017 with their assets shrinking.

Moreover, Altcoins which rely on various endorsements entered into the crypto market, making Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc less valuable for investment. In general, when a kind of new altcoin is listed in an exchange, its price will go up to at least 30% in 3 days. This kind of investment can satisfy the money-earning desires of bold investors. However, because ICO programs are unregulated which are high-risk as well.

So is there any way of investing BTC to achieve high return but with lower risks? The answer is YES and that is cryptocurrency futures trading.

How Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Achieves High Returns and Low Risks?

Low risk

For high-end investors, a very important factor in risk assessments is their awareness of investing risks. Here takes BTC as an example, you can trade futures contracts based on the judgement on BTC trend. If you predict that BTC will rise, you can buy/up BTC. On the contrary, you can short/down BTC assuming BTC price drops. Compared to the spot trade in which you can only choose to buy in and wait for its price growth, BTC futures trading is totally at your control.

High returns

For senior investors, to achieve high return is about how to maximize the profit they will get. Different from the spot market, BTC futures market often provides leverage trading。For instance, if you invest in 1 BTC, you can open a 100 BTC order with 100x leverage added, and in the meantime, you can amplify the profit 100 times.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency Futures Contracts in Bexplus Exchange?

At present, 90% exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency market only provide cryptocurrency spot trade. Though some crypto exchanges offer futures trading products, they are often weekly or quarterly contracts which have expire dates. That’s why beginners or senior investors choose Bexplus.

Bexplus is the world-leading and professional cryptocurrency futures exchange, offering BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage. Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, Bexplus has gain the popularity of 100,000 investors worldwide. With 10 million dollars financing by famous venture capital associates in Hong Kong and America, it has also established offices in U.S, Australia, Russia, Brazil, India, covering 36 countries and supporting 21 languages all around the world.

As mentioned above, in Bexplus, you can trade perpetual contracts, which allow you to buy in or sell out anytime you want. Based on your own analysis, you can choose to short (betting price down) or long (betting price up) BTC. To lower the risks, you can also set the stop-loss and stop-profit points.

Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback

To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as bonus!

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