eLTC Is Another Useless ERC20 Token Issued on the Ethereum Blockchain

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We have seen a lot of new ERC20 tokens come to market over the past few months. Most of these tokens were created as a result of the growing number of cryptocurrency ICOs. In some cases, it appears tokens were created solely as a money grab. While people are still trying to wrap their heads around eBTC, it seems we now have eLTC as well. Its purpose has yet to be determined, mind you.

What is the Deal With eLTC?

Creating electronic tokenized versions of existing cryptocurrencies serves no real purpose whatsoever. That is equally the case where most ERC20 tokens are concerned, as very few of them seemingly have any real use right now. eLTC is no exception in this regard, and it is important to note it has nothing to do with Litecoinand vice versa. 

It is also unclear who the creator of eLTC is, as there does not appear to be a companion website or subreddit where more information can be found. All of this shows the project is nothing more than an attempt to create money out of thin air and make a quick buck in the process. It is highly doubtful the eLTC creator will be successful in this regard, though, as there

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