At the Innsbruck County Courthouse in 2003, a pedophile received a two year prison sentence for child abuse and possession of child abuse material. He appealed the sentence immediately afterwards, but according to, the actual appeal did nothing. The time he bought did everything. He advised sitting any time behind bars as a man in treatment and recovery. This same man, authorities recently discovered, was one of the “leading members” the darknet child abuse forum “Elysium.”

After immediately appealing his 2003 prison sentence, he filed for a delay with the Innsbruck Court. He asked for a one year delay. The court granted the delay because of the 25-year-old’s “life circumstances” and his readiness to seek treatment. Before his one year delay had ended, he filed a motion to avoid prison altogether. In December 2005, Innsbruck Court granted this request.

The defendant’s prison sentence became a conditional one. His conditions are still not known but new child abuse violations were likely a breach of the conditions. His therapist gave testimonies on the man’s behalf and explained that the man’s future looked bright.



By 2009, he was off his conditional agreement and he faced no immediate prison time. Immediate being the keyword here. After the Elysium forum went down, German and Austrian police arrested between 14 and 17 users. Of those users, one 40-year-old, stood out to the courts more than others.

Brief Simplification of the Elysium Forum:

The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany, in conjunction with the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime, Europol, and Austrian authorities, seized the darknet “child pornography” forum known as Elysium. A Prosecutor’s Office, on July 6, announced the site’s seizure that occurred on June 12. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) raided an apartment in the Limburg-Weilburg district of the German state of Hesse. A 39-year-old man lived in the apartment, performed administrative tasks on the forum, and served as the site’s technical admin.

During the raid, the BKA seized the entire server. The operation resembled that of the Deutschland im DeepWeb takedown. With the server in their possession, BKA technicians worked on identifying some of the 86,000 users the forum had gathered. The site had only been open between December 2016 and July 2017 but grew more rapidly than many drug markets.


The investigation into the 40-year-old began once police identified children and suspects in videos or still images on the site. A school teacher recognized a girl in one video where two men had abused her. Police located the house and arrested suspect number one, the father. He had allowed a pedophile that he met on Elysium to enter his home routinely.

Together, the father and the second suspect created terabytes of evidence linked to Elysium. Given that law enforcement first identified them through videos, videos likely made much of that data.

Since July, he has been in jail where he is awaiting a hearing.

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